We welcome visiting yachts to Seychelles

Immigration clearance Procedures on arrival:  

On your arrival, the Immigration officer boarding the yacht will inspect the vessel and the list of all persons on the yacht.

The passports of all crew/persons on board are to be produced to the immigration officer.

A disembarkation card is to be filled in by each person on board.

Relevant visitor’s permit for a period of stay will then be issued. Please take note of the initial length of stay given in the passports.

Responsibility of the yacht’s master.

The master is responsible for the members of the crew and all persons arriving on board the vessel. He/she shall notify in writing, the Immigration office in Victoria in the event of any member of the crew/person leaving Seychelles.

Guidelines during the yacht’s stay

During the yacht’s visit it is most likely that a visit to the other islands will entice the crew. It is advisable to contact the Port Authority on the procedures and protocols to be followed when visiting other islands.

Crew extension of visitor’s permit

If your stay is to be longer than the period of visitor’s permit stamped in the crew’s passports, it is necessary that extension of visitor’s permit is sought.

Application for extension of visitor’s permit is also available at the immigration office at Independence House, Victoria.

The passports and the completed application forms are to be submitted to the Immigration office before expiry of the visitor’s permit.

Other persons joining as crew.

In the event that other members of the crew are expected to join the yacht during its stay in Seychelles, in order to facilitate their entry into the country it is necessary that the master of the yacht informs in writing, to the Immigration office prior to the arrival of those expected crew members.

Members of the crew leaving the yacht to stay onshore.

Should any member of the crew wishing to leave the yacht, the master is to inform in writing to the Immigration office promptly.

The person’s passport, airline ticket, proof of accommodation and funds to cover his/her period of stay in the country are required.

Should the master also have to leave the yacht for any reason the Immigration office and the Port Authority are to be notified of the arrangements made for supervisory of the yacht during such absence.


Upon the successful and enjoyable visit please follow the procedure below for the yacht’s departure from Seychelles.

The Master of the yacht should call at the Immigration office with the passport of the members of the crew or other person(s) leaving with the yacht and notifies of the departure date and time. (between 06.00 – 18.00)

An immigration clearance letter is issued to the master to be handed to the Harbour Master.

The yacht is to be anchored at the Coast Guard vicinity. An Immigration officer will board the yacht one hour prior to the departure of the yacht for final departure formalities.

The yacht shall depart Victoria within the hour and no person other than the Coast Guard or Port authorities shall be entertained aboard the yacht.

The yacht shall proceed to its next destination and is not permitted to make any stop over at any Seychelles island unless for emergency purposes. In the event of such circumstances the Port authorities is to be notified immediately as per normal radio practice. On the way out, the yacht is not to entertain any other person on board.

We thank you for visiting Seychelles and we wish you and member of the crew a safe and speedy journey to your next destination.