A Seychelles citizen may apply for a Dependent’s permit for his/her spouse and minor child/children who are not a Seychelles citizen and who is/are to reside with him/her in Seychelles.

The application form is to be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Documentary proof of Seychelles citizenship of the applicant e.g. Copy of Seychelles passport bio data page/ Birth certificate/Registration or naturalization certificate ; 
  2. Copy of dependent’s passport bio data page
  3. Marriage certificate;
  4. Child/children's birth certificate
  5. Medical certificate
  6. Documentary proof of means to support dependent (e.g. pay slip, saving etc.
  7. Security Bond (Check the sum required)

A Dependant’s Permit is issued to a spouse or a minor child of a citizen of Seychelles, who is not  ‐ 
(a) a prohibited immigrant; or
(b) the holder of  a Residence Permit or a Gainful Occupation Permit.

There is a fee of Scr.1,000/‐ for processing of the application.
The fee for a Dependant’s Permit is Sr. 1,000/‐ per year.

A Dependant’s Permit does not allow the holder to work in Seychelles. In the case where the Permit holder wishes to do so, a Gainful Occupation Permit should be applied for. The permit ceases to be valid if the holder ‐ 

(a) Fails to enter Seychelles within twelve months from the date of issue or is absent from   Seychelles for any period in excess of twelve months 
(b) is in breach of the conditions of the Permit     
(c) Is convicted of an offence against the Immigration Laws 
(d) is deported from Seychelles.

For further enquiries, please telephone 4293636 or e-mail: m.laporte@gov.sc