Change of Name

A citizen of Seychelles by birth or naturalization and has resided in Seychelles for three years may apply in writing to the Principal Secretary for Immigration and Civil Status for permission to make change(s) or addition(s) of his name, surname or family name. And attached below documents

  • Birth certificate,
  • Citizenship registration / naturalization certificate.
  • Processing fee of application is SCR1,000/-
  • The publications fee in the Official Gazette by the Attorney General's Chambers is SCR1025/-
  • Published information in Seychelles Nation SCR 189.75 for three publications
  • The application will be published three times in the Official Gazette for four months. The application will be approved if no objection has been lodged or on good and sufficient ground in support of the application.
  • The process of changing or amending your name or child’s name remains the same
  • Once you are married, your surname is automatically changed to your husband's surname. It is not required to go through the Civil Status office to change your surname.
  • If you wish to change your surname due to divorce and wish to be known by your maiden name, it is required that you certify with the Civil Status office of the divorce and request change of surname. You will be issued a new National Identity card.

Contact Information

Mahé Central Office:
No: +(248) 429 36 76 / 429 36 04

Praslin Office:
No: +(248) 423 26 04

La Digue Office
No: +(248) 252 07 53


Please address all correspondence to the Principal Secretary

Alain Volcere (Mr)
Principal Secretary
Immigration and Civil Status Department
P.O Box 430, Independence House Victoria, Seychelles