How long after birth, should registration be done?
  • All births occurring in the Republic of Seychelles should be register within 30 days from the date of birth.
  • Birth should be register at the regional office where it took place. 
How much does it cost?

Both large extract of the certificate and an abridged copy can be obtained for Rs50/- each, for the stamp only.

What is the process of requesting for copy of birth certificate from outside Seychelles?

Send details by email of full name (Including maiden name if married), Date of birth, mother’s name and posted address or email

Once certificate has been located, the civil status officer will contact you back with confirmation to process the payment.

Payment for the stamp including cost of courier for returning the documents to one of the following Government of Seychelles Overseas Account.

Note: It is important when instructing your bank to make money transfers to a Seychelles Government Overseas Account to specify the purpose of the transfers and your name. Personal cheques (local only), should be made payable to Government of Seychelles.

What is the requirements and documents to proceed with a birth registration?

National Identity card, Passport or driving license for Mother, Parents and both witnesses.

NOTE: Witness should be 18 years and over.

Where can I get a birth certificate?

The Civil Status Office is the only office that has the authority to issue birth certificate. If you were born in Seychelles, you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate at Civil Status.


  • Central Office Independence House Ground Floor Victoria Mahé,
  • Ground Floor Pension Fund Complex, Grand Anse Praslin
  • La Digue Office, La Passe
Who can register the child?
  • Single mother
  • In the absence of the married partner, Mother or father alone can register baby- Bring along National Identity card of husband or wife, Maternity certificate and two witnesses.

Note: In any situation, the male partner should be 18 years and over to be able to register the baby


If mother bear a child outside her matrimonial relationship, she can register the child under her maiden name and any changes can be done by court order only.


How do I register the death of my relative?
  • Death should be declared within 24 hours of passing away of the person at the Civil Status office.
  • The declaration should be done by two informants after receiving the Medical's Certificate from a Medical Officer.
  • If the Medical certificate cannot be obtained, the informants should contact the Police Department before proceeding to make the declaration
  • The Identity Card of the deceased as well for the informant should be available to produce to the Civil Status Officer.
  • After the declaration, procedures have been carried out a burial permit and a death certificate will be issued to the informant by the Civil Status officer.
  • The informant will proceed to the Social Services (funeral parlour) with the death certificate for necessary formalities.
  • The informant will proceed with the burial permit to the cemetery for necessary formalities.
  • No interment or cremation can take place until the death of the deceased has been registered by the Civil Status office and a permit /certificate has been issued by the Civil Status Office.


The Civil Status Office is located on the ground floor of the Independence House.

Opening Hours on weekdays are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 A standby officer is available during the weekend and Public Holidays

  • Saturday from 08:30 am until 02:00pm
  • Sunday and Public Holidays 09:00am until 12:noon

The officer can be contacted on Phone Number (+248) 282 34 09

Change of Names

How much does it cost?
  • The fee for the processing of application is SCR1,000
  • The publications fee in the Official Gazette by the Attorney General's Chambers is SCR1025
  • Published information in Seychelles Nation SCR 189.75 for three publications
If I want to change my name or surname, can I do so?

A citizen of Seychelles by birth or who has acquired citizenship by registration or naturalisation and has resided in Seychelles for at least three years, may apply in writing to the Principal Chief Officer of the Civil Status for permission to make change(s) or addition(s) of his name, surname or family name at the Civil Status Office at Independence House.

What Document do I require?

You need to provide your birth certificate, citizenship registration/naturalization certificate.

What I should know about changing my name?
  • The application will be published three times in the Official Gazette for four months. The application will be approved if no objection has been lodged or on good and sufficient ground in support of the application.
  • Once you are married, automatically your husband's surname will be your new surname. You need not go to Civil Status office to change your surname.
  • If you happen to be divorced and you wish to be known by your maiden name, then you need to certify with the Civil Status office as to that you are divorced. Then you can proceed to get your new National Identity card.
Where do I get more information?

Mahé Central office Telephone Number
Independence House Ground Floor
+(248) 429 36 76 / 429 36 13

Praslin Office
Pension Fund Complex - Grand Anse Praslin
+(248) 423 39 04

La Digue
Telephone No: +(248) 258 69 87

Email :


How do I proceed to get a divorce?

 Persons seeking advice on these matters are asked to contact their legal adviser, who will submit their applications to the Court. Copies of divorce certificates are forwarded by the court to the Civil Status Office.