Deprivation and Renounced Citizenship

Deprivation of Citizenship

  • Committed act of treason
  • Acts against security of the state including terrorism, espionage, piracy, joining a non-Seychellois armed forces without approval of the Minister
  • Has been convicted in any country for an offence involving terrorism, piracy, illegal arms dealing, breaching UN embargoes, drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, organized crime, crimes against humanity or belonging to an extremist group.
  • Acts in a way that instigate racial or religious disharmony or dissent or hatred contrary to the spirit of the constitution of Seychelles
  • Acts of disloyalty or disaffection to Seychelles.

Renounced of Citizenship

If a person who has renounced their Seychelles Citizenship returns to settle in Seychelles and wishes to regain citizenship, he or she needs to

  • Have not been sentenced with an imprisonment for more than 1 year

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