Obtaining a Birth, Adoption, Marriage and Death certificate

A person may require to apply for a new birth, adoption, married or death certificate may be because the original one is lost or for any other reason.

The Civil Status Office is the only office that has the authority to issue those certificates. If you were born, adopted, married or have a family member who passed away in Seychelles you can obtain a copy of the respective certificate at Civil Status office located Independence House Ground Floor, Victoria, Mahé.

You can present any document that would be able to identify you, which have the National Identification Number (N.I.N) such as:

  • National Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

In the case of requesting a married certificate kindly provide

  • Name of both parties (including maiden name)
  • Date of civil marriage
  • Place marriage took place
  • Name of celebrant

Both large extract of the certificate and an abridged copy can be obtained for SCR50/- each for the stamp only.

Any authenticated certificate, which will be issue for any use overseas need to be certified by the court for apostille, certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Consulate of the country if applicable.

If you are applying from outside Seychelles, you will need to make payment for the stamp including cost of Apostille, MFA or Consulate fees and courier for us to be able to forward  your certificate to one of the following Government of Seychelles Overseas Account.

Seychelles Immigration Birth certificate


It is important when instructing your bank to make money transfers to a Seychelles Government Overseas Account to specify the purpose of the transfers and your name.

Personal cheques (local only), should be made payable to Government of Seychelles.